Old House Home Inspectors®

We are the old house specialists

At Old House Home Inspectors®, we specialize in providing investigative home inspections for older residences and historic properties throughout Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

Old house exterior seen during a home inspection
Old house exterior seen during a home inspection

There Is Something Special About an Old House

An old home is a special place, rich with memories, history, and often a rustic charm that simply can’t be replicated in modern home design. At Old House Home Inspectors®, we have a passion for understanding the way old houses were built, from the construction techniques to the materials used- and most importantly for you as a prospective buyer, our expertise enables us to identify the unique issues which can be associated with older properties.

From 120-year-old Victorians to 40-year-old bungalows, we’ve inspected homes from all eras and of every style, and we are prepared to help you safely invest in an old home for which you hope to live in and care for.

We Inspect All Styles and Eras of Historic Homes

  • 17th and 18th Century Colonials
  • Log and Timber-Framed Homes
  • Historic Churches
  • Victorian and Queen Anne Houses
  • Tenement Multi-Family Houses
  • Converted Barns and Mills
  • Classical Revival Styles
  • Craftsman Cottages
  • Bungalows and Ranches of the 1940’s, 50’s and 60’s
Row of old townhouses seen during a home inspection

Knowledge, Experience, Passion

Old House Home Inspectors have a true passion for older homes and a healthy obsession with historical architecture- previously renovating several properties, including 3 properties that went on to win awards from the Providence Preservation Society.

Between our many years of training, certifications, and hands-on experience, we’ve developed a systematic process for inspecting old houses which leaves no stone unturned, providing results that you can rely on.

Unanticipated repairs to the structure of an older home and a pressing need for upgraded systems can quickly become a financial burden—which is why we go the extra mile to provide knowledge about potential areas of concern well before you make a final purchase.

Foyer in an old house seen during a home inspection

Timely Inspection Reports Provide the Facts You Need

We review, organize, and add remarks to our findings immediately after a home inspection, delivering the completed inspection report within just 24 hours. Every component that was evaluated will have its condition thoroughly described, including straightforward explanations about defective areas that will benefit from repair, replacement, or other improvements. Photographs and videos from the inspection will be attached throughout the report as necessary.

Proudly Serving
Rhode Island & Massachusetts

We’re able to offer inspection services for older and historic homes throughout Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Depending on exact location, travel fees may apply.

If you are considering purchasing an old or historic house in Rhode Island or Massachusetts contact Old House Home Inspectors® to perform a thorough home inspection that will help you avoid spending historic amounts to repair or maintain the property. Contact us today to request an inspection.