Founder Story

Frank Hopton — Old House specialist, co-founder, and Inspector Trainer

Frank Hopton, the founder of Old House Home Inspections, had a profound appreciation for antique homes, developed through 25 years of experience in home inspecting and an additional 10 years spent restoring old homes in Providence. Many of these restored gems were transformed into bed and breakfasts, with the Christopher Dodge House still thriving in business. Frank’s extensive experience allowed him to craft practical training methods and materials that address the distinct features and challenges of historic properties. He was dedicated to unveiling the intricate stories these houses hold, offering future owners a glimpse into the enduring spirit of their homes.

Frank was known for his approachable nature and excellent customer service, essential components of our company’s philosophy. He had a knack for making inspections enlightening experiences, addressing not only the practical concerns and conditions of the homes but also connecting new owners to the essence and legacy of their prospective homes. He believed in going beyond mere evaluations to facilitate a genuine understanding between the owners and their homes, acquainting them with the rich, layered histories they encompass.

Today, Frank’s sons steer Old House Home Inspections, keeping their father’s values and methods alive. They are committed to continuing his mission to reveal the unique narratives and historical essence within each property. Under their stewardship, the company remains dedicated to maintaining the high standards of service and empathetic connection that Frank instilled, helping new owners appreciate and connect with the timeless charm and stories of their antique homes.

Exterior of an old house being inspected by our home inspector

Jared Hopton

Jared Hopton, a key member of Old House Home Inspections, has seamlessly melded his father’s legacy with his own experiences and insights. He initiated his professional journey as an Officer in the United States Army. However, after a decade in the Military, Jared returned to Rhode Island to raise his two sons alongside his wife and to integrate himself into the family business.

Jared’s credentials are the amalgamation of rigorous training and essential certifications required for a licensed home inspector, qualifying him as a recognized home inspector in both Rhode Island and Massachusetts. However, his proficiency extends beyond formal education and certifications. Under the detailed and thoughtful mentorship of his father, Frank, Jared has gained a deep understanding of the practices, procedures, and methods uniquely suited for old houses. This intensive learning process allowed Jared to fully embrace his father’s vision and to delve into the understanding of historical building practices and the common issues prevalent in antique structures.

Today, Jared continues to uphold the core values of Old House Home Inspections, demonstrating unwavering commitment to the methodologies and principles instilled by his father. His diverse background, combined with an in-depth understanding of antique homes, ensures that each inspection is a balanced mix of technical precision and empathetic connection. He aids prospective owners in establishing a relationship with their homes, allowing them to understand and appreciate the extensive histories and stories that lie within.

Vadim Jamara

Vadim Jamara is renowned for his meticulous attention to detail in his role as a home inspector, an attribute consistently recognized and valued by his clientele. Vadim’s commitment to excellence is evident in his extensive experience working alongside Frank, where he honed his inspection skills and gained profound insights into the intricacies of antique homes. Tireless in his pursuit of excellence, every inspection he conducts meticulously reveals the condition of all readily accessible areas of the home, displaying both careful evaluation and methodical use of time.

In addition to his extensive experience in home inspections with Old House Home Inspections, Vadim has also had the opportunity to inspect U.S. Naval housing, expanding his understanding and expertise in varied housing structures and conditions. Furthermore, his tenure as a professional painter has endowed him with a broad spectrum of experience with diverse homes. These varied experiences have not only honed his inspection skills but also polished his interpersonal communication, enabling him to articulate his findings to clients with clarity and effectiveness.

Vadim Jamar, a native Ukrainian, brings a diverse cultural perspective and is fluent in Russian. Residing in East Providence, Vadim is deeply committed to his community and balances his professional pursuits with a range of interests and activities that foster personal development and community engagement. His multifaceted background and adept interpersonal communication enrich his interactions with clients, providing clear and comprehensive insights into each home’s unique story and condition.

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Every completed inspection is followed up with a detailed inspection report that is clear, concise, and informative—including numerous photographs to help you better understand what peculiarities your inspector has noticed about the home’s existing condition.

We invite our clients to join us during the inspection and walk around the house with us as we explain our findings and answer questions.

Old house being renovated and inspected by our home inspector

A Home Inspector Who Specializes in Historic Property Construction

Building practices have changed a great deal over the decades, sometimes radically—and Frank Hopton is someone who has put in the time and effort to understand how and why these changes have occurred. That’s because Frank is incredibly passionate about older homes, a fact that has held true for many years.

Frank has inspected homes professionally since 1995, but he also played a major role in the renovation and restoration of several historic properties, 3 of which won individual awards from the Providence Preservation Society. Prior to that, Frank was fortunate to be involved in projects with his father-in-law, Kenneth Parker, in Providence and on Nantucket Island, often working on historic and older properties- an experience which fueled his lifelong love for old houses.

American Society of Home Inspectors ASHI

Licenses & Certifications

Frank has numerous licenses and certifications in the field, including:

  • Licensed Home Inspector in Massachusetts and Rhode Island
  • Radon Measurement Technician certified
  • Wood-Destroying Insect Inspector certified
  • ASHI Certified Inspector (ACI)
Attic being inspected by our home inspectors

Time Off

When he’s not inspecting homes, Frank and his wife Monica love to travel—and their destinations often revolve around historic architecture. Frank also loves cycling and going to the beach. Most of all, Frank’s favorite way to spend his time is with his grandchildren.

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